NEXT GEN Technical Symposium

An annual event to discover, energize, and support the YPs in our aerospace community

Mentor Event

A highlight of the conference, a session for attendees to meet major players in all areas of the industry in small groups.

2020 Symposium

This two-day local aerospace conference in October 2020 brings together the important innovators, researchers, and engineers – such as yourself – from all across the Southeastern United States, and shines a light on the technical challenges we all work to surmount each day. All professionals are invited to submit an abstract.

Presentations are anticipated to range from general engineering activities to ground-breaking research. We also welcome presentations about career-experiences, such as a new alternate technique, an improved process flow, or an important project milestone.

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Tech Talks

Sept 4 at 11:45 AM - Free Tech Talk on Mars Ascent Vehicle with Darius Yaghoubi, Lunch. Register by Clicking Here
Oct 2 - TBD

Von Braun Symposium

This symposium is coordinated to precede Von Braun Symposium.

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Event Dates

Abstracts - Sept 25, 2020

Selections - Oct 1, 2020

Presentations Due Date - Oct 8, 2020

Short Courses - October 24, 2020

Event - October 22-23, 2020


Virtual Symposium, hosted on Big Marker.

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions are now open for the 2020 symposium. Please contact if you believe that your work should be part of our symposium.

Keynote Speakers

Mr. Jim Bridenstine

NASA Administrator
12 PM CDT, October 22nd

Mr. Jim Green

NASA Chief Scientist,
8 AM CDT, October 22nd

Mr. Jeff Babione

Head of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
8 AM CDT, October 23rd

Ms. Lauren Lyons

Director of Starlink (SpaceX)
12 PM CDT, October 23rd


The Symposium is a great success each year because of its generous sponsorships. Please consider the following options.

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Presenting Sponsor- $3,000

Session Sponsor - $2,000

Silver Sponsor - $1,000

Corporate Sponsor - $500


Blend Dynamics, LLC

Session Sponsor - Code It

Blend Dynamics, LLC