Short Courses

Short Courses

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On September 8, 2019, we will be hosting two short courses at UAH. We are still working out some of the details.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Starting with a breakdown of the domains that exist in Artificial Intelligence, we will walk through a brief history of the work, learn by example some applications of machine learning, and build a few deep neural networks to solve a few problems. We will close with a discussion of current events and Q&A.

Course Outline

  • How to Digest the Domain
  • Shallow History of Deep Learning
  • <break>
  • Data Science Overview & Examples (hands on code)
  • Machine Learning Overview & Examples (hands on code)
  • Deep Learning Overview & Examples (hands on code)
  • <break>
  • Current Events - Data Bias - Ethics
  • Wrap Up - Q&A

Information on our UAV short course coming soon.