2020 AIAA NextGen Symposium Agenda

All times are in US Central Time 

Thursday October 22, 2020 

7:45 AM – Opening for the Day 

8:00 AM – Keynote Speaker – Mr. Jim Green, NASA Chief Scientist DIRECT LINK

9:05 AM – Break 

9:20 AM – Technical Session – Materials, Structures, & Dynamics DIRECT LINK

Dakshina Fernando - "Using Rapid Cellular Regeneration with Programmable Nano-Particles for Critical Component Repair while in Air under Emergency Conditions"

Dr. Tyler Hudson - "Porosity Prediction and Detection During Composite Cure Using Simulation and Ultrasonic In-Situ Inspection Inside an Autoclave"

Max McCall - "Fused Filament Fabrication Sealing Enhancement and Liquid Retention Methods"

10:35 AM – Break 

10:45 AM – Parallel Technical Sessions – Teach It – Materials, Structures, & Dynamics 

First Session: Teach It DIRECT LINK

Nicole Chase - "How will humans react to travelling to and living on a different planet that has little in common with Earth?"

Stacy Godshall - "Paradigms for Educating Future U.S. Space Force Professionals"

Dr. Eldon Triggs - "Teaching Launch Vehicle Design in the 21st Century: Challenges, Content, and Collaboration"

Second Session: Materials, Structures, & Dynamics DIRECT LINK

Dr. Matthew Hitt - "Axial-Injection, End-Burning Hybrid Rocket Motor Sensitivity Study"

Brayan Rodriguez - "Design and Construction of an Engine and Fins Support, for High Power Probe Type Rocket by Digital Additive Manufacturing"

12:00 PM – Keynote – Mr. Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator DIRECT LINK

1:05 PM – Break 

1:20 PM – Technical Session –  Teach It DIRECT LINK

Arthur Barber - "The American Rocketry Challenge: Aerospace STEM Education Through Rocketry"

Paul Kiesling - "Engaging Students Through the Wolverine CubeSat Development Team"

Brittani Searcy - "Bringing Hands On STEM Outreach to the Classroom"

2:45 PM – Break 

3:00 PM – Workshop - Bridging the Gap on STEM Outreach DIRECT LINK

4:00 PM – Break 

4:15 PM – Panel – Robotics in Space DIRECT LINK

Friday October 23, 2020 

7:45 AM – Opening for the Day 

8:00 AM – Keynote Speaker – Mr. Jeff Babione, Head of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works DIRECT LINK

9:05 AM – Break 

9:20 AM – Parallel Technical Sessions – Systems Engineering – Space Exploration & Environments 

First Session: Systems Engineering DIRECT LINK

Chris Rygaard - "Accelerating Distributed Model-Based Engineering Project"

Jackelynne Silva-Martinez - "Development of a Human Systems Integration Plan"

Caitlyn Singam - "Future Shock: Developing an Autonomy-Friendly Universal Standard Framework for Model-based Systems Engineering"

Second Session: Space Exploration & Environments DIRECT LINK

Jack Agolli - "Splashdown Visualization of Spent Stages"

Mark Becnel - "Concept Overview of Lunar Ascent Sample Earth Return (LASER)"

Dr. Ronald Freeman - "Developing an On-orbit Servicing Infrastructure for a Mission-functioning Inter-planetary Universe"

10:35 AM – Break 

10:45 AM – Technical Session – Space Exploration & Environments DIRECT LINK

Malay Kumar Biswal - "Conceptual Design of Mars Sample Return Mission Using Solar Montgolfieres"

Dr. Emmanuel des-Bordes - "Deep Space Health Management: A Focus on Autonomous Operation of Control Systems"

Jessica Wood - "Building the RS-25 Engine for NASA’s Next Generation of Exploration"

12:00 PM – Keynote – Ms. Lauren Lyons, System Lead of Human Landing System (HLS) at Blue Origin DIRECT LINK

1:05 PM – Break 

1:20 PM – Parallel Technical Sessions – Modeling and Simulation – Unmanned Systems 

First Session: Modeling and Simulation DIRECT LINK

Tharikaa Rumesh Kumar - "Compressible Biglobal Stability Analysis of Vorticoacoustic Waves in Cylindrical Motors"

John Reed - "Cis-lunar Marketplace and Commercialization"

Mason Tudor - "Quantitative Methods To Inform Reliability-Based Test Strategies for Engine Upgrades on Liquid Rocket Engines"

Second Session: Unmanned Systems DIRECT LINK

Chimpalthradi "Ashok" Ashokkumar - "Unmanned Air Vehicle Remote Piloting Conflicts Under Diverse Inner Loop Control Parameters"

Teresa Konopka - "Missing in Alaska - A Political Conspiracy and the Origins of the ELT"

Karan Kumar Shaw - "Design of an Unconventional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle"

2:35 PM – Break 

2:40 PM – Technical Session – Modeling and Simulation DIRECT LINK

Jordan Fuse - "Designing a Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Interactive Anomaly Response Training Tool"

Matthew Pickard - "Alternating Between Software Models and Real Hardware in the System Integration Lab for the Incremental Development of the Space Launch System Program Avionics"

Noah Schwalb - "Small-Scale UAV Winglet Optimization"

3:50 PM – Break 

4:00 PM – Workshop – Speed Mentoring


Saturday October 24, 2020 

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7:45 AM – Opening for the Day 

8:00 AM – Short Course – Rocket and Space Propulsion: Now and The Future 

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12:00 PM – Break 

1:00 PM – Short Course – How to Design an Interplanetary Mission 

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