About Us

This two-day local conference in October 2020 brings together the important innovators, researchers, and engineers – such as yourself – from all across the Southeastern United States, and shines a light on the technical challenges we all work to surmount each day. If you choose to submit an abstract and become a presenter, your presentation topic doesn’t necessarily have to be ground-breaking research. You can also give a career-experiences presentation about something you are proud to share, such as a new alternate technique, an improved process flow, or an important project milestone.

This year’s AIAA Next Gen Technical Symposium will feature:
  • morning and afternoon technical sessions
  • prominent keynote speakers
  • engaging panel discussions
  • networking events
  • speed mentoring
  • soft-skills development workshops
The most important feature of this symposium is YOU. This is your opportunity to present your new research, to learn new problem solving techniques, and to develop those all-too-important “soft skills” to help your career take flight.